Dealing with Stress: The Power of Play

by Administrator

Kids seem to have more organized activities filling their schedules today than ever before.  Organized sports, dancing, martial arts and similar activities all begin at a younger age.  We even have organized, scheduled “play-dates” for children.

Kids today spend an increased amount of their time getting ready for, driving to and spending time at scheduled events and activities then they did a generation ago.  This makes for a very busy schedule.

In all the worry and hurry to make sure your child is staying competitive and active, something is being left behind: play.

Valle Dwight with writes, “Valuable play isn’t limited to structured exercise (like organized sports), and it’s most definitely not playing video games… play engages the body and mind in imaginative activities that develop a child’s ability to think creatively, work as a team member, and create and follow rules.”

When children immerse themselves into a fantasy world of pretend play, they engage many parts of their brain.  Studies have shown that those children who engaged in pretend play prove to be better abstract thinkers.

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