4635 Trueman Boulevard, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

It’s Growing Season at École Maison


The safety of your child is our highest priority: it shows in our state-of-the-art entry security, our ‘no peanuts’ policy and the safety training required of all our staff members. École Maison is designed with your child’s safety in mind, and that gives our parents peace of mind.


From Circle Time with toddlers to an accelerated Pre-K curriculum, we’re all about addressing your child’s strengths and interests. Our students leave us ready and able to take on the academic and social challenges which lie ahead.


Our beautiful facility houses classrooms which are fully stocked for hours of fun! With a scenic play area and large space for indoor play, we never hear, “I’m bored.” If only parents had this much fun at work….

Why should your little ones grow at École Maison?

École Maison (A-cole May-zon) means “School House” in French — and that’s just how we see it — our school is an extension of your home. – See more at: http://www.ecole-maison.com/about-us/

École Maison has deep roots in Hilliard and the surrounding communities. Being privately owned, we’re able to tailor our program to fit every child and base each decision on their best interests. Our theme-based approach prepares your children to make connections on multiple levels and apply them for a brighter future.

About Us


École Maison (A-cole May-zon) means “School House” in French — and that’s just how we see it — our school is an extension of your home.

Since opening our doors in May 2007, we have been privately owned and locally operated. Our growth has been quick and constant, so much so that we are scouting the potential for future facilities. We pride ourselves on our quality learning environment, our structured yet flexible approach, our energetic and caring staff, our curriculum-based classrooms, and our truly unique facility.  We’re one of a kind and we love being part of the community.

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Our Staff

Ms. Sharif is the Director at École Maison, and has been with the company for over six years. She had previously worked alongside the owner as the Assistant Director. With that much time in, it’s clear she is committed to her job, and to what this special enrichment center in Hilliard represents.

“There’s a vibe here that exudes love and care; it is not just a daycare and a job. École Maison is unlike any other center that I’ve worked in or visited.”


Facility Highlights

  • State-of-the-art security.  No peanuts. Safety training for all staff. We’re designed with your child’s safety in mind…so you can have peace of mind.
  • You’ll never hear  ‘I’m bored’ at École Maison. Our beautiful facility’s classrooms are stocked with fun, including a  scenic play area and large indoor play space.
  • From Circle Times to  an accelerated Pre-K
    curriculum, our students leave École Maison ready to take on the academic  and social challenges  which lie ahead.

Program Age Ranges

Program Ages
Infants 6 weeks – 12 months
Wobblers 12 – 18 months
Toddler I 18 – 30 months
Toddler II 30 – 36 months
Preschool I 3 – 4 years
Preschool II 4 – 5 years
School Age K – 11 years

Safety & Security

Being Hilliard’s premiere daycare and preschool doesn’t just mean we have the best child development programs, the best curriculum and the best staff in place. It also means that we take your child’s safety seriously.
We Pledge to our Parents:
  • Only those who should be in our facility will gain access.
  • We’ll monitor and watch your child during the day.
  • We’ll only hire qualified and background-checked professionals to be with your child.
  • We’ll make sure your little one goes home with the right person.
  • We’ll take every precaution possible to ensure your child’s safety while they’re under our care.

It’s our pledge to you!

Differences Between Daycare and Preschool

While a preschool is focused primarily on education, it does not own the monopoly on it. In fact, quality daycares include a curriculum as part of their services. With longer hours, these daycares seize the opportunity to integrate many teaching opportunities throughout the day with the intent of preparing a child for kindergarten. The focus is to stimulate a child’s cognitive, physical and social development with a group of his/her peers.

Parents should weigh their needs with those of their child to make the best choice when considering a daycare or preschool. Bringing a set of questions pertinent to your situation along on tours is an excellent way to compare facilities. By combining the results of those answers along with your gut instinct, you will find the solution that is right for your family.