15 Questions You Should Ask When Touring a Childcare Center


Finding the right childcare center can be a daunting task.  While they attempt to accomplish similar things, it’s important to remember that not all childcare centers are alike. Different centers have varying curricula, staff requirements and styles of management.  It’s up to you to determine if the childcare centers on your list fit your expectations and the needs of your child. To help .. Read More

Choosing the Right Daycare or Preschool


Choosing a daycare or preschool can be a challenge for working parents.  Finding the right staff and center to care for and teach your child can be a very personal and daunting decision.  With so many choices, how do you work through the confusion to find the right solution for you and your child? One way to move forward is to develop a .. Read More

Understanding the Differences Between Daycare and Preschool


Daycare facilities and preschools are often thought of as one and the same.  After all, both types of child centers accept preschool-aged children during the day, both have to be licensed and accredited, and both can cost about the same. Although daycares and preschools do have some overlap, the similarities end there.  Typically, the two types of child centers differ in three distinct .. Read More

Staff Highlight: Ashley Meade


“Seeing the joy and excitement on their faces when they master a new skill is amazing and very rewarding.”  That’s what Ashley Meade says about her job teaching children at École Maison.  She has been a staff member here for four years and considers herself lucky to be working in this field.  It’s her passion. “There are so many things that children learn in .. Read More

Welcome to Our New Website


Ecole Maison Website Home Page

If you’re reading this, then you’ve found our new website and blog. Welcome! We’re very proud of our new online home and we hope you’ll visit regularly. It’s a great way to meet our staff and learn about our programs. Our new site is designed to better serve our parents as well as those looking for a new daycare or preschool for their .. Read More